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A Destination Wedding in Tuscany | Borgo Casabianca


Nestled in the picturesque village of Asciano in the province of Siena, Tuscany, Destination Wedding in Tuscany Borgo Casabianca served as the enchanting backdrop for a lively and unforgettable wedding celebration. This radiant couple hailing from the Netherlands chose Italy for its breathtaking landscapes and delectable cuisine. Their wedding day was a testament to their love story and meticulous planning, orchestrated by the talented team at The Italian Wedding.

The Venue
Borgo Casabianca

The Bride’s Three Stunning Attire Changes:

The bride, radiating elegance, graced the occasion with three distinctive outfits. Her first gown was a symbol of the outdoor ceremony, held in a charming garden. The ceremony was a unique blend of storytelling by the celebrant, heartfelt declarations from the couple to their loved ones, and a memorable toast. After the ceremony, the bride donned her second attire, setting the stage for the enchanting dinner.

A Small and Intimate Affair:

This wedding was an intimate gathering, truly emphasizing the couple’s deep connection. Guests reveled in the rhythms of traditional Italian music and engaged in the spirited tradition of waving handkerchiefs. The dinner took place in a quaint alley, resembling a village festival where everyone came together at a single long table.

“Dancing Under the Tuscan Stars:

As night fell, the bride made her final outfit change, opting for a short, stylish dress. The dance floor, adorned with twinkling lights, cast the perfect ambiance for post-dinner revelry. The magic of a Destination Wedding in Tuscany under the starlit Tuscan sky added an unforgettable touch to the evening.

Highlighting Tuscany’s Natural Beauty:

Our focus for this blog is to showcase the mesmerizing natural beauty of Tuscany and the unique charm of Borgo Casabianca. The venue perfectly aligns with the desired target audience, and the bride’s choice to change outfits for each occasion adds an extra layer of elegance to this unforgettable celebration.”

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