Fede e Tony

Bohemian Wedding in Palinuro

This unique Bohemian Wedding took place in the picturesque coastal village of Palinuro on the Cilento Coast,
at the beautiful Isca delle Donne venue. The couple, originally from Naples, shared a deep love for nature, even choosing to honeymoon in a remote location reminiscent of “Jumanji.”

A Bohemian Affair:

What set this couple apart was their free-spirited nature, reflected in their unconventional attire. The bride’s comfortable, bohemian-style gown and the groom’s unusual color choice set the dress code for the entire event—casual, loose-fitting, and somewhat hippie-inspired.

An Eco-Friendly Feast:

The couple prepared for their day at a nearby farmhouse (unfortunately, the name escapes me), just minutes away from the wedding venue. They made a memorable entrance in an iconic Ape Car, adding a touch of whimsy to the celebration.

A Locally Sourced Dinner:

The dinner was a true highlight, featuring homemade dishes prepared with locally sourced, organic ingredients from the Isca delle Donne estate. The menu boasted seasonal vegetables and exquisite wines produced by the estate.

Dancing the Night Away:

Guests barely had time to sit down, as the couple and their friends danced the night away to a mix of ’70s classics and local tunes, including the tarantella and Puglian pizzica.

Celebrating the Informal Wedding:

Our blog shines a spotlight on weddings as true celebrations, emphasizing the idea of an informal and a Bohemian Wedding, non-ceremonial event. We encourage couples to explore unique venues that break away from traditional reception halls, creating a picnic-like atmosphere. Additionally, we delve into the theme of locally sourced and organic cuisine, as hosting a dinner as “homemade” as this one is not typical of all weddings.

This enchanting and eco-conscious Bohemian Wedding in the heart of the Cilento Coast encapsulated the couple’s unique and carefree spirit, making it a celebration to remember.

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