Charlotte e Luca

Destination Wedding in Amalfi



For this Romantic Destination Wedding in Amalfi, nestled in the quaint village of Benincasa near Vietri sul Mare, Villa Divina set the stage for an emotional and love-filled wedding celebration. This beautiful couple, hailing from Greece, chose Italy for its unique landscapes and, of course, its world-renowned cuisine. Notably, the groom, of Italian heritage, is a highly regarded chef in Greece, with his restaurant Pelagos Athens earning a coveted spot in the Michelin Guide.

Romance and Emotion:

This Romantic Destination Wedding in Amalfi Coast was a testament to romance, overflowing with tears of joy and a profound sense of love. The couple’s open-hearted nature was evident in their extensive travels and their two adorable children, who added a unique and heartwarming touch to the celebration.

A Villa Divina Experience:

The couple chose to prepare for their special day in the suites offered by Villa Divina, creating an intimate atmosphere for their Romantic Destination Wedding in Amalfi Coast. The ceremony took place beneath a lemon grove on the terrace, where they exchanged heartfelt vows. Several friends joined in, offering their thoughts and wishes to the newlyweds, making the ceremony even more meaningful.

Gourmet Delights with a View:

The reception unfolded on the same terrace, with panoramic views of the Gulf of the Amalfi Coast. The groom, a renowned chef, curated a menu of gourmet dishes that delighted the guests’ palates, adding a touch of culinary excellence to the festivities.

A Memorable Sunset Celebration:

After the cake-cutting ceremony with the backdrop of the stunning Amalfi Coast, the evening transitioned into a fun-filled DJ set and live saxophone performance. Guests danced the night away, creating an unforgettable sunset atmosphere.

Showcasing the Amalfi Coast:

Our blog focuses on capturing the enchanting beauty of the Amalfi Coast and its landscapes, providing a glimpse into the magic of Villa Divina.

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